Sex and the City 3 Is Currently in Production: Not a Prequel

Producer and actress Sarah Jessica Parker announced that they are now working on Sex and the City 3. That should be enough to erase your cloud of doubt as to whether there will be a new sequel or not. After the lukewarm reception of Sex and the City 2, it should have been hard for the team to come up with a part three. But Parker, believing that there is still more to tell, won’t give up just yet so here is another treat for Sex and the City fans.

Sex and the City 3 Is Currently in ProductionHowever, it is important to understand that Parker would let the fans wait first. Definitely, Michael Patrick King will be able to come up with a story and will write it right. But that does not mean anything like now or in a week or in one year. We can remember that the second movie ended with Carrie Preston and Mr. Big’s reconciliation. However, the possibilities of a marriage are threatened by Aidan. Perhaps the creators will come up with something new like putting something in, a child maybe. Nobody knows just yet.

But Parker elaborated that she does not want to run away from SATC. After all, the show has been part of her career and it is not just easy to get away from it. Some news say that there would be a new movie but not in the form of a sequel. Surprisingly, rumors that the producers are doing a prequel spread like wild fire. Moreover, the prequel was said to include Blake Lively, Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, and Elizabeth Olsen.

Parker admitted that she was surprised with the idea. However, she is not against the idea about SATC that casts twenty-year-olds. She added that since the series and the film have previously elaborated the characters’ past, there is no need to feature it in the new film. Besides, there are still a lot of other important things that twenty-something actresses should deal with. There are a lot of stories that they can tell such as their inertia, speech patterns, and narcissism.

Many fans were shocked to know that the third SATC film will not include the original cast. As we all know, SATC fans wanted to know more about where the characters will go from here on after the first sequel was released. Parker even said that featuring the same characters in a prequel is something like creating two histories as if we didn’t know who Carrie Bradshaw is. Even fans expressed their dismay in casting the young stars, saying that they do not want to see the characters portrayed by youngsters. They wish for the ladies to continue with their role and go on with a journey that is full of surprises.

The news about youngsters acting on their behalf shocked Kristin Davis too. She has the same claim as Parker, telling E! that the show had already discussed how the characters lived in the past. Retelling the story indeed makes no sense. Davis also said that seeing different people with their names is just freaky.

In an interview with Candace Bushnell, who created the characters, she explained that prequels explain the characters more elaborately. According to her, what the readers see is just the tip of the iceberg. When SATC was born, the characters were in their mid-30s and that is just the middle of the story. Bushnell explained how the story has moved on from the first sequel that tells about how Carrie Bradshaw lived as a teenager in the Midwest. The story also tells about how Carrie discovered herself and became more confident when she went away from home. The prequel will certainly be based on Bushnell’s novels Summer and the City and the Carrie Diaries. The prequel would have told about the women in their early 20s.

Definitely, there will be a third SATC movie but not a prequel. Stay updated by checking news. Soon you will hear about the plot details and of course the movie trailer. The exact Release date is yet to be announced as production is presently at its very early stage. If you clamor for a film that tells more about amazing stories about modern women, Sex and the City 3 is definitely the movie for you.